The GPM® ONE Approach

We use the GPM One Approach where business as usual isn't good enough anymore. A five phase method to sustainable competitive advantage. Are you concerned that the next Uber to come along will upend your business? Are you facing increasing customer demands for sustainable products or services, but struggle with equating sustainability with value?

Does your organization fully understand the impacts of climate change and how this will impact access to clean water and raw materials, drive up business costs and change consumer behavior? All of these can spell DISASTER for your organization

The GPM ONE Approach helps you to focus your team on what matters and provides a prioritized list, key actions to address, identifies issues in the Supply Chain, with customers, and stakeholders as well as in your change initiatives.

  • Through our research and extensive international work, GPM has found that an organization's sustainable competitive advantage is directly related to the strength of the organization's capacity and capability for change.

  • The Four Lenses of Focus. Rather than an effort to impose top-down compliance with sustainability goals and standards, this approach focuses on four unique lenses with the aim of synchronizing the sustainability priorities and goals of the organization while empowering a sustainable aware culture of collaboration and innovation. The four lenses are on Organizational Culture, Executive Strategy, The 3 P's of Portfolios, Programs and Projects and Operations.

  • Tailored to fit your needs, the GPM ONE Approach takes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations and unpacks them in the context of your business to show you what is important to the long term strategy of your business.

  • The Five Step Process of decision making has been utilized extensively by leading organizations as the most common way to solve complex situations by using an easy to understand approach. Commit, Define, Implement, Measure and Share.

  • To download the .pdf of GPM ONE Approach, click below

The GPM One Approach_GSI .pdf
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