Why GPM® Green Project Manager Certification Goes Hand in Hand with LEED® and Green Globes®

You know with US Green Building Council LEED® or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, The Green Building Initiative® Green Globes, and The Living Building Challenge®, the goals are to curb or reverse climate change, create a regenerative world, to restore and protect water resources, restore or enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems that sustain life.

All of these initiatives promote using regenerative materials, building in a more sustainable economy, changing our behavior, and creating a just and equal world that we can all live in.

Now, add to that, a way for project managers to become the most dynamic PM’s they can be. By combining all of the building initiatives with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), the UN Global Compact (and other docs), the ISO standards for sustainability, and the Global Reporting Initiative, project management can become the most productive process all the while making the world a better place.

Using the ISO Guidance of 21500 for Project Management, ISO Guidance 26000 on Social Responsibility, the ISO Standard 14000 suite of Environmental Management Systems, ISO Standard 9000 suite of Quality Management, ISO Standard 50001 Energy Management, the UN documents, GRI reporting measures, and The COP 21 Paris Climate Agreement, you have an unbeatable combination that will achieve the sustainability goals of your project.

To become the “all in one package” by including sustainability, you can become one of the most successful project managers out there. With this skillset in your toolkit, you can guide the direction your project takes all the while maintaining the set standards and objectives for your organization.

How do you know what standards to use? We can help. GreenSpring Institute™ offers educational courses on the Green Project Management Certification from GPM®. Our courses are on-demand so they fit your lifestyle no matter where you are in the world. We teach using hands-on with real world situations to help you retain the knowledge for use in your everyday projects. This certification can enhance your career and make you a successful project manager.

This can be part of your foundation along with LEED® or Green Globe® certifications to build on the original Triple Bottom Line and taking it a few steps further. Many CEO’s are demanding sustainability in their everyday projects, and some project managers are struggling with how to fit it all together. Training from GreenSpring Institute™, and obtaining the GPM® certification will fill that knowledge gap.

We also include elements of The International Project Manager Association, and The Association of Project Management which international organizations use in their daily operations.

One part of the course includes learning how to use the P5 Standard assessment from GPM®. This stands for People, Planet, Prosperity, Processes, and Products. By using this assessment, you have a tool to see just how your project lines up with the sustainable goals and where issues lie. Combining all of these tools together, the surprises on your project will be reduced.

But don’t just take our word for it, you can get your free copy of the P5 Standard.

We live in a world with a growing population of over 7 billion people. As long as records have been kept, we know there haven’t been this many people using Earth’s resources at one time. As a result, we now use 1.6 Earth’s resources every year. And every year, that “Overshoot” day gets earlier and earlier. We only have 1 Earth, and we have to change the way we do things, and that change needs to happen from the inside out.

Changing the normal way we build in this world by including sustainability in the Project Management realm, we can reduce our impact on the environment and leave behind a sustainable world for future generations.


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Green Building Initiative, Green Globes® https://www.thegbi.org/

International Living Future Institute™ The Living Building Challenge https://living-future.org/lbc/

About the Author
I have over 25 years experience in commercial and industrial construction, over 15 years in project management, and I have Master Certificate in Project Management from Villanova University. I am a Green Globes ® Professional, a Guiding Principles Compliance® Professional and a Licensed Electrical Contractor. I am currently President of GreenSpring Institute™.

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