July 2017

Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day is August 2, 2017. In 2016, that day fell on August 8th, already this is 6 days earlier. We live in a world with a growing population of over 7 billion people. We know that as long as records have been kept, there have not been this many people on Earth at one time before. As a result, this is creating major strain on the resources we use on a daily basis. Every year, Earth Overshoot Day, a nonprofit organization, publishes the day we begin to over use those yearly resources from nature. This strain is causing us to use 1.6 Earth’s resources every year. This is done by over-fishing, over-harve
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Why GPM® Green Project Manager Certification Goes Hand in Hand with LEED® and Green Globes®

You know with US Green Building Council LEED® or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, The Green Building Initiative® Green Globes, and The Living Building Challenge®, the goals are to curb or reverse climate change, create a regenerative world, to restore and protect water resources, restore or enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems that sustain life. All of these initiatives promote using regenerative materials, building in a more sustainable economy, changing our behavior, and creating a just and equal world that we can all live in. Now, add to that, a way for project managers to become the m
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